How To: Make Killer First Impressions!

Hello everyone!

So today I am making a blog post about what I discussed on my 1st YouTube video (link is here), and it was all about first impressions. To me, the first time you meet someone means a lot, because so much can happen out of that one moment. That is why I will be giving 5 tips on how to make the best first impression (okay maybe not the best, but it will be decent).

1. Don’t have unrealistic hopes.

To clarify, I mean that you should not have an expectation that this person to be the most amazing human being on this planet. Remember that you can plan a conversation all you want in your head, but in reality you never know what they will actually respond.

2. Be your best self that is still yourself.

If you put on a fake persona from the moment you meet them, two consequences can occur. First of all, most people can see through a fake act, especially if they can sense vibes (like me). Secondly, suppose you and this person like each other from the start and decide to start building a relationship (friendship or romantic). The other person liked your fake persona, not who you really are (not to say that this person won’t), and also if you continue to hang out with that person, you will have to keep up this act, which can become emotionally draining. Instead, pick a quality that you like about yourself and make it stick out. So you impress this person with a trait that you already have inside and in the future, you won’t have to put up a fake persona.

3. Smile (if you would like).

Smiling is a universal symbol of kindness, so showing off your pearly whites can make for a great start to a relationship. But remember, if you do not genuinely smile a lot (like only for pictures), don’t put on an act. If you smile, smile from the heart. A smile can mean a lot when you don’t have words, but luckily, y’all have words to converse with, so the other person will admire you for your personality.

4. Look the part.

If you don’t dress nicely, the other person will most likely be turned away, so wear clothing that make you feel comfortable and confident. Also, in a recent study, it has been said that the first thing a person notices about you is your shoes, so if anything, wear nice shoes (haha).

5. Prepare icebreakers (to prevent from conversation becoming awkward).

This is honestly the most important tip. When meeting someone that you aren’t familiar with, it can be really difficult to have a nice flowing conversation from the start. I have found that once you have attained a rhythm in the conversation, everything falls into place. Here are a few pointers to build conversation:

  • Ask questions about their personal lives– and build off of it.
  • Reciprocate answers.
  • Find what they are interested in and passionate about.
  • Have fun with it.

And those are all my tips! I hope you found this article helpful and interesting and let me know down in the comments if this has helped you! Remember to follow my blog, and subscribe to my on my YouTube channel. Namaste and have a great day!




This is such an exciting announcement!

As of right now, my new YouTube video is live on my channel! It is all about first impressions and how to be yourself while still (hopefully) impressing the other person. I will write a blog post summary about it tomorrow 🙂

I’m so excited for this new leaf in my life. I finally feel like I’m being productive and doing something worthwhile. So, a piece of advice from me: the hardest part of any idea is starting it. Once you find the flow, the rhythm, the schedule, and how this fits into your life, you will become a better, more all-rounded person. So start something today. Whether it be the first page of writing your book, writing your first blog post, filming your first short film, whatever you’re passionate about! Go out there and succeed.

But, I would love if you came and watched my new YouTube video and give me feedback. If you enjoyed, it would mean the world if you subscribed, liked, and commented! Thanks so much for being with me to turn this new leaf.


Why Compassion is Vital to Healthy Friendships

Hello everyone!

Today I am going to be discussing what compassion is, how we use it in everyday life, and an exercise to bring out the inner kindness inside!

The definition of compassion is the sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others. But another thing I like to add to that definition is the fact that once you feel compassion, you feel compelled to do something about it. And people know that compassion is important for charity work, but why for a friendship?
Friends are people who you rely on; especially when you need someone to talk to. The action of letting out your thoughts and feelings is vital to your emotional health. If you hold everything in all the time, the end result will be unnecessary stress and confusion. So, if you are a friend, and the other person (let’s call her Sara for now) is venting out their feelings and you have no compassion, how do you think it will make them feel? First, they will feel hurt. Why don’t you care about my feelings and my thoughts? Second, they will feel underappreciated as a friend. Finally, they might not want to be friends with you any longer if you don’t care about the most important aspects of a person: feelings and emotions.
But, if you do show compassion when Sara is talking, not only will they feel comforted, but you might be able to give some insight on how you would solve that particular situation. Giving advice is one of the most valuable qualities in a friend, and you can’t do that unless you show compassion to one another.
EXERCISE: I believe that you cannot love others until you love yourself. Likewise, I believe that you cannot be compassionate with other if you do not show it to yourself. So, I want you to get out a piece of paper and write down all of your favorite qualities about yourself. If you can’t think of any immediately, you need to start working on loving yourself. But you can still do this exercise by writing down the things you have accomplished today, even if it is as simple as making your bed. Celebrating the small things in life can help you feel joy and happiness that you can give to others through your thoughts and advice. After this exercise, write down ways that you can show compassion to yourself when you feel like life is throwing you a curveball; like having a bowl of ice cream or even watching an extra 10 minutes of TV.
I hope that you guys enjoyed this post and find benefits between helping yourself and your friendships. Namaste and have a great day!



A Reevaluation and Fresh Start

Hello everyone!

It has been a good six months since I have written on this blog, and I have to say, I have missed it. Just at the thought of it this morning I got overwhelmed with joy and happiness. This had been my outlet to my stressful life and I remember the joys of sitting on my bed and writing a post. So once again, I have returned to lying on several pillows and typing away on my laptop.

A lot has changed in the last six months. I will have a lot of responsibility coming my way this coming school year and this blog will definitely become my safe haven from studying. But otherwise, I have grown in several ways. My summer has been filled with learning new things and wanting to become “an expert” in each thing that I am doing. But looking back at my New Years Resolutions at the beginning of the year made me feel a sense of calmness. At that point, I was just trying to better myself, not become the most amazing person. I’m at a stage of realization where now I see that I need to prioritize the important things in my life. Therefore, I am going to go through each one of the projects I wanted to start and see what my priorities should be, and I recommend that all of you do this if you are feeling overwhelmed:


  1. Studying: This is going to be a constant project for a long time. My learning and schooling is not going to go away anytime soon, but frankly I’m glad about that. I love to learn new things and knowledge make me confident.This summer, I need to keep constant priority to studying math (Algebra 2 and Precalculus) and Chemistry.
  2. Psychology: I have had a sudden surge of interest in the study of the brain and I will continue pursuing this project due to the fact that it is a potential future career option and will help in writing some of my blog posts!
  3. Hindi: This will remain a constant learning project of mine so I can feel closer to my culture and be able to communicate with all of my cousins in India. I will need to spend more time practicing this throughout the rest of the year.
  4. Japanese: I was planning on taking up learning Japanese as one of my projects due to my love of anime and manga but I have decided that for the time being I have too much on my plate so will not be one of my priorities (for now).
  5. Astronomy: I love stargazing and have thought that it will be a good opportunity to take up a new project and learn something new but at this point I don’t have time for it in my everyday life.


  1. Technical Theater: This is a course that I will be taking in school this coming year so I need to focus on set design and stage makeup (2 things I want to do).
  2. Musical Theater and Glee Club: Participating in musicals in school and creating a musical for my school!
  3. Piano: This is important to me because this will help me be more familiar in the study of music.
  4. Singing: Operatic tenor singing is something that I really want to pursue later in life so this is incredibly essential for me to pursue at this age. This also relates to my glee club that will become to fruition this coming year.


  1. Romance Novel: Once I do research on writing a novel, I will start using those techniques to write a beautiful novel.
  2. Write Children’s Books: This has been something that I love doing and I hope to publish some one day so they can be happy 🙂
  3. Poetry Study: I am going to be studying the art and creation of poetry over the next two weeks so I will have the ability to…
  4. Write Poetry: Once I know the art and technique to writing, I can effectively write sophisticated poems from the heart. Poetry is something that just flows through me and I know that it is something that I want to pursue. This writing poetry will hopefully someday help me start an instagram and the write a book.
  5. Screenwriting: Still on the fence about this one due to the fact that it gives me less freedom than novel writing and blogging, but I think it will be something that I am not going to pursue (for now).

Advice and Inspiration Giving:

This is a new category in my life but over the years I have realized that I have a passion for helping and inspiring people to live the best life they can!

  1. Continue writing this blog: Beside doing everything that I already am, I really want to maintain this blog and write one post a day (or at least one post a week haha), and also I am going to make an Instagram for quotes that will help attract more readers to my blog 🙂
  2. YouTube Channel: I am in the process of making a YouTube channel for advice named “TheMindOfMira”, so stay tuned for that!


  1. Yoga: I have wanted to pursue a study of Yoga and am still on the fence about it, but with further thought I think I will spend a little time on it every morning.
  2. Tennis: I will try and spend more time every week becoming better and better at this and also, try and put some more effort into each step that I take.
  3. Flamenco: This is a beautiful form of dance that I wish to incorporate into my life through lessons and performances. (I decided to include this in the sports section because it is more of an extracurricular that is completely outside of school)

Short Term Projects:

  1. Turkey Project: This is something that has a deadline in my life because I will be making several short films about my time in Turkey. I first have to go through and edit my footage as well as write poetry about my experience there.
  2. Children’s Book: I am planning on writing a children’s book and I am so excited.

And that’s it! The crossed off things are the stuff that I have reconsidered and decided to pursue later and a different time. I hope that y’all enjoyed reading this and tell me how your life has been over these past six months and if you have an questions comments and concerns let me know! Namaste everyone 🙂

BTW: You may have noticed the change in my domain name, but all the content is staying the same!

How to Stay Focused

Hi everyone and happy Monday of 2016!

Now one of my New Years resolutions was to be more productive. I truly hope that I stick with this, because accomplishing tasks make you feel like you’re fulfilling your life’s plan. Here are some of the things that I have been doing to stay focused:

  1. Get off your phone: I recently downloaded this new app called Forest. It costs $0.99 on the apple store and is truly helpful. You set a time on the timer, 10 minutes for example. And your tree will grow during those 10 minutes,  if you stay off your phone. If you don’t, you kill the tree, which no one wants to do. And this company actually plants trees around the world, so you are not only staying on task, but also helping the environment!
  2. Meditate: Often, we have so many things going on in our mind that it is hard to stay focused on the task at hand. Meditation brings you back to the present moment, and all of your thoughts and worries will diminish in size and importance. If you are new to meditation, I recommend the app Headspace. This is free for the 10 day meditation program. I promise that I am not sponsored by these apps, but they are truly amazing. Once you start meditating, it becomes addictive because of how good you feel!
  3. Exercise: Sometimes, we have SO much energy. This makes us really hyper and active, which is not what we want when we sit down to accomplish things. So, I recommend a 4-minute high intensity workout. There is one on buzzfeed which is so amazing! And, if you take a shower afterwards, use hot and cold water so you have the perfect amount of energy to accomplish everything.

I hoped that these tips helped you because they have helped me incredibly. Thanks for reading and let me know how you stay focused down in the comments. Namaste and have a great day!


New Years Resolutions 2016

Hi everyone!

I decided that I want to write my resolutions down on my blog, and next year I am going to be doing a reflection on all of these goals.

  1. Write a blog: I want to continuing writing this blog, at least 2 posts a week. This blog is very therapeutic for me and I love putting out helpful content.
  2. Write a novel and improve writing skills: I want to read several books on how to become a better writer and also practice writing various prompts. I also have been planning a novel that I want to continue planning and start writing in the New Year. My goal is to write 3-5 pages a week and make progress.
  3. Start a Journal: I bought 2 5-year journal books that I want to start writing in daily. This will be a good way for me to reflect, which is exciting.
  4. Be happy: I want to truly be a happy person. Have a positive outlook on life, not have much anxiety or worry, and always be excited for what is to come. I plan to do this by meditating, praying, and having faith that everything will be alright.
  5. Be a good person: I want to not gossip as much and be a reliable friend. I want to motivate people, but also stand up for what is right.
  6. Pray more: I want to pray more, because praying gives me a sense of security. Praying makes me happier and I am also buying prayer beads which I am excited for!
  7. Stop procrastinating and do well in school: I want to be productive this year. I am going to start doing work as soon as I get it and try not to dilly dally.
  8. Become better at piano/singing: Singing and piano are my passions, and I want to start pursuing them. I will continue taking lessons and practice more in the New Year.
  9. Do yoga: I hope to start off my mornings with a few yoga poses for happiness when I get a chance!
  10. Practice mindfulness: I want to live in the present. When I start contemplating the past or worrying about the future, I want to just focus on the present, because this is the most important moment!

I am determined to make this year great, and please leave your top resolution in the comments below. Namaste and Happy New Year!


How to Have a Clear Mind

Hi everyone!

Today I wanted to discuss how to have a clear mind. I would define a clear mind as having only beneficial thoughts, and letting all negative thoughts and feelings go. Having a clear mind doesn’t mean you don’t think negative thoughts at all, that is impossible, unless you are meditating constantly and not having any thoughts. A clear mind is a mind that only dwells on the positive thoughts, not the negative thoughts. Over time, I have been able to improve my ability to have a clear mind. I have made an exercise that will help below.

EXERCISE: We often have a mix of negative and positive thoughts in our mind. When you feel overwhelmed by emotion, get a pen and a piece of paper and do a thought download. Thought downloads are just a release of all of your thoughts onto paper. These can be positive or negative, just let your hand flow, and try not to stop. When you feel like you have nothing left to write, that means your mind currently has no active thoughts. All of the thoughts that you have written down are thoughts that you have been dwelling on, that have caused you not to have a clear mind. There are probably some positive things you have been dwelling on, which is a good thing. You can continue thinking about those. But now that you have released your negative thoughts, crumple them up and throw them in the trash. Your mind is now clear. But, we can’t always do a thought download. So, meditate for two minutes. Focus on the breath. As you inhale, repeat the word “clarity”. As you exhale, repeat the word “negativity”. This seems silly, but it actually helps fill your subconscious brain with positive thoughts. You are releasing the negativity through the breath. And whenever these bad thoughts come up, find a mantra that you can repeat. One that I often use is “so blessed can’t stress”. Seems silly again, but it is so true. Over time, as you start to ignore these thoughts, you will naturally become happier. Think of negative thoughts as cars. Let them drive by, don’t pull them over. Once you pull them over, negative thoughts grow.

Thanks for reading and I really hope this helps you! Let me know your experience below. Namaste and have a great day!


Writing Your Prayers and Blessing

Hi everyone!

Today I am feeling very in need of prayer, and I have decided to share how I normally write down my prayers. Regardless of religion or if you believe in God, I think it is necessary to write down your prayers or blessings at least once a week. My goal for the New Year is to raise this to a few times a week. Something about writing down your prayers and reflecting on them makes it that much more effective. So, I will be writing what my prayers normally look like, and then an exercise to follow.

Om Sri Ganesha Namaha: Great Lord of Wisdom and Fortune, I have been blessed and protected by You and I am forever grateful. You have also blessed and protected my mother and father through the course of their life. I am blessed with an amazing life and home because of your blessings upon our family. I ask few things of you: 1. Continue blessing my family with long life and prosperity, 2. Let my father find happiness and be able to work less, 3. Fill my mind with positive thoughts to replace the negative. Finally, I want to thank you for allowing me to live an amazing life, I won’t live life in fear because I know you will be protecting me. Om Ganesha Saranam. Om Hreem Shreem Lakshmibhayo Namah: Great Lakshmi, Lord of Wealth, I am forever indebted for You giving me a life full of wealth and abundance. The only wealth I ask of You is happiness and long life for myself and my family. I pray to You with full devotion and ask that You continue blessing my family. I am forever grateful for Your blessings and will continue to worship.

So that is an example of a prayer I write down. I also want to purchase prayer beads in the future to help my prayers. I normally do a spoken prayer daily, but some days I like to write it down.

EXERCISE: If you are religious, write your prayers and hopes down. I find that writing helps maximize the importance of what you are hoping for. If you aren’t religious, write down all your blessings, and all the things in your life that could be better. Writing down the things that aren’t perfect in your life will help you see what you need to hash out in the future.

Thank you all for reading and I hope that you are feeling more enlightened. Please tell me how you pray down in the comments and let me know if you enjoyed reading my prayers. I might start doing this once a week on my blog as something personal.

Namaste and have a great day!

What Drives You?

Hi everybody!

I have not written a blog post in quite a few months, and I have discovered that writing makes me happier. When I write, whether it be for my fictional novel or on this blog it makes me feel overwhelmed with joy and happiness, and I cannot pinpoint why. I had taken a break from this blog because I lost my drive.

I believe that having drive and passion are the most important things when accomplishing any goal or dream. Without it, you will be unhappy with what you are doing. Of course, with some obligations, such as school and work, you will not be completely motivated. But even when we are obligated to do such things, we should always have another project that brings us joy.

I describe drive as motivation towards bettering yourself. Goals and dreams are fueled by drive, and without it your hopes will stay hopes. But with it, you can accomplish most anything.

EXERCISE: Find one thing in your life that is lacking “drive”. I want you to write down everything that you love about this. Read this list over and over again, and go back to the roots of why you started this project. This is the start of reigniting your passion for what you do.

As the New Year is approaching, my goal is to start writing more on this blog now that I have my drive back. I love posting because it is an escape from every day stresses and gets my creative juices flowing.

Please let me know what drive you everyday and how you manage to maintain your passion for everything you do. Namaste and have a great week!



How Praying Daily Can Change Your Life

Hi Everyone and TGIF!

Today I am going to be explaining the benefits of praying. And no, you do not have to be a specific religion in order to do this.

I am a follower of Hinduism, and I believe that there are many forms (deities) of the one supreme being. I believe that all religions can coexist together and are all trying to reach at the same purpose: being happy. My personal deity is Ganesha, his good luck and success will allow me to be happy!

I have started to pray everyday. I express all of my feelings, problems, and positives in my life with him. I allow myself to completely let go and tell him my worries, and I honestly feel a weight off my shoulders. I feel a vibration which cannot be explained in any way possible. I love the feeling I get and I try and pray every single day. I also read books on Hinduism and chant hymns daily.

Some of the benefits of praying are:

  1. Sense of Security (feeling safe from harm, fear)
  2. Happiness
  3. Stress Relief
  4. Connection with a Higher Power

I definitely love all of the worries and anxieties lifted of my shoulders and I cannot express how happy I feel after starting to pray! If you pray, leave me feedback in the comments! I would love to know what you guys feel!

Namaste and have a great day!